Well, I've recently realized that I need to get to work on my story, very badly. I've gotten someone to help me with it, but I need to write up information so he understands what's going on in the game.

Normally I'd be fine writing a story, but this ends up being a bit more challenging. The game has a branching storyline, but each branch doesn't change what happens, but give the player a differnt point of view on the same events (rather than viewing it as a tree, view it as vines making their way up pipe or pole); this provides some challenge because I have to intertwine the events, and not completely change them. Of course, there has to be minor variations, such as the player changing places to follow the different paths (we'll assume the butterfly effect has no pull on the events that take place :P).

Meh, I'm really just posting this because I'm bored. I actually logged out of wiz_chat ten or fifteen minutes ago to work on writing the story which I'm talking about. I really need to keep focused on one task.

On a side-note, if anyone has any way to keep focused on one thing, feel free to share.
If you wanna do work on your PC, unplug your router.
Chew gum...