BYOND Version: 416.981

for(var/image/I in usr.overlays)

for(var/I in usr.overlays)

Problem description:
Test 1 wont find anything in the overlays.
Test 2 finds everything and reports that they are indeed /images.
From the reference:
"The individual items in the list may not be directly accessed, since they are stored in a special internal format. However, the list operators +=, -=, and the procedures Add, Remove, and Cut work normally. "
In response to Nickr5
wouldnt the Test2 verb be directly accesing them o.o
In response to Falacy
Test1 is looking for a specific type in that list, which won't return anything because it can't be accessed like that.

Test2 is just looking for anything in it. Since it's not looking for anything specific, it will return true if it finds something.