Now that I have this nice little blog, I might as well announce when I update one of my games. I'd almost rather not announce this particular update, however. I haven't worked much on my RPG engine since getting my summer job, but I'm hoping to change that. This update is mainly to get my bearings--it's been so long since I really did something to the system that I no longer remember what all has and hasn't been done/fixed.

There shouldn't be anything majorly different about this version, but I wouldn't be surprised if something ends up being completely screwed. I already know that the saved game icons tend to mess up and I'm working on a fix; don't let them bother you, they do not affect actual gameplay.

More details on the official forum

Also, can anyone tell me why I can't get an image to animate when it moves? I know I had this working at one point awhile back, but I can't seem to reproduce it now.
Did you set movement states in the icons?
Yep, I've tried just about everything that makes sense; I was just wondering if anyone knew of a nonsensical way that works.
make sure you're not teleporting the mob and actually calling the move() proc (and not returning 0). That's all I can really suggest.