Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
I have seen these guys on multiple servers(usually titan station alpha), they have multiple accounts (because they continue the onslaught on verbal abuse)The Slave, Gordan Freeman, Pop916, Wizardo Magicus, Kingben22, Rotharia, and Valkrae

OOC: Pop916: you got griefed :)
OOC: Valkrae: Wow, Can you guys like quit your b*tching
OOC: Valkrae: Seriously. I'm losing my hard on for murdering here.
OOC: Rotharia: I'd like to calmly ask you to f*ck yourself with a cactus.
OOC: Valkrae: I am trying to sacrifice this man in the name of Space Satan
OOC: Kingben22: Im so hard right now... from all dis grief
OOC: Pop916: Already did

these guys seem to be regular griefers, seen them do this a few times. This behavior is killing this game. it has a small enough following and people doing this is only going to drive more away.
Yeah i have seen those people before as well. There complete trolls and grief's.
It happens dude, just report them to that server's adminhelp. There are a lot of different servers and most of their admins never read this board.
Kingben is 11, what did you expect.

Other than that, remove Rotharia from the list, not a griefer.
This is why admins exist. To remove players like that.
Be glad you don't need to deal with them on a daily basis.
Wow dumb people 😞