Though not truly "functional" yet, aircraft are certainly on their way. Still no name for it yet, but the basic idea is there. A few more things since the last update. I made pistols. I just started work on AI, but I'm doing some work trying to get them to go up and down stairs. I did a lot of work with moving up and down on different heights of terrain. The system may seem a little weird, but it should pretty much all be transparent to the user anyways. I also started work on a "global" view of the world, but that's JUST beginning, too, and it's more or less just in place to accomidate for the aircraft right now. Random generation of forest terrain is really just about finished, I can always add more "modules" later, for more complex terrain.

I'll have to add some "rules" for certain types of terrain when I get to things like roads. I've decided that above ground landing pads are the only way I can go for storing aircraft, since I can't really "open" a 20x20 area of turfs and make it look good for underground hangars. Anyways, that'll give people more space to build underground anyways, and give them something else to construct on the surface.
Nice graphics!
It still looks like a pee pee. But when you get the fins added onto'll still look like a pee pee. But with wings. Flying penis.
Very impressive!
Thats the sexyist thing I ever seen on byond.
Better than the vehicles I made for Faction Wars. o_o

Also, you've shown us so much and yet I still don't know what kind of game this is going to turn out to be.

Maybe you could add more kinds of forrest terrain, make it end up looking like Oblivion's forests. xD

I still miss Maeva. >_>
Looks lush.
The aircraft don't actually "move" around. When you take off or land, you will switch between the "tactical" view, and the "global" view. Depending on where you land, a landscape will either be generated or loaded from a file that was already generated. (or from a base someone has built of course ;) )

I'm kind of withholding details about "what kind of game it is". For those of you noticing the striking similarties between it and another game, you're probably on the right track for the sort of gameplay I'll be shooting for... I just intend to go a bit more in depth with it all. (The other game was made in 1994, and they had to account for a lot of computer limitations.)
How nice.
Cool! I like that another game! :)
Looks great :), I like the random terrain idea, awesome.
Whats the other game =) please say, also the legs on the character look abit thin to the rest of his body, but overall the games looking sweet !.

p.s pelase =)
Does that other game have a title that starts with an X?