not sure if this is a problem with the coding or if its a byond bug, but! for list popups
var/skill2use=input(usr,"Select Skill","Quick Select")as null|anything in usr.skills

after the server has been up for a long time (16 hours +) the time isnt the same every time (aparently it was close to 48 hours this time), but after a while popups like that will freeze your character if you use them, you wont be able to use verbs or to move, but youll still be able to use things that run off dblclick() and the chat box still updates.
also, alert inputs
waterAni=alert("Turning the Water Animation off should reduce Lag","Water Animation","On","Off")

they dont freeze you but they dont actualy take input from what you click, but number inputs still work just fine, anyone know what causes this? ive tried like 5 things trying to fix it and nothing has worked, so! if you know what causes this help me out pls lol

oh and those list like popups get called alot, people probaly use them to change skills like once every 10 seconds, so is there like a limit to them or something?

and relogging fixes you being frozen, and! if you do a list popup, and get frozen, and then double click on a skill that calls up an alert popup, when you logout youll see the alert popup flash up, because it wouldnt before due to the frozeneness

and regular reboots of the server dont fix the problem, you have to close and reopen the server
Sounds like an infinate loop somewhere. You should check over code for anything that could result in one.
In response to Smoko
nah, that would cause a runtime and would crash the server!
and the popup doesnt keep coming up, it goes away after u choose something, and then u get frozen
In response to Falacy
An infinite loop doesn't always cause a runtime error. I've had multiply times where the program just freezes.
In response to Popisfizzy
lol well the program doesnt freeze, im 99% sure its not an infinite loop, any other sugestions?