client.script = "<STYLE>BODY {background: #000000; color: #003366}</STYLE>"

F1 return "Attack"

Problem description:

ok well i want macros in my game ... but they wouldnt work ... i pusted a thing in developer how to, but no1 responded ... so i searched it for the word "macro" ... i read a couple and 1 said that u cant have client.script with macros ... that it just messes it up .... i tessted it and it worked !!!

does any1 no a way that i could use macros with the script?

(if not i'll just usr client.northwest or somting like that)
You can't use .dms files, and client.script at the same time. You have to decide to use one of them. Personally, I use client/script so my RSC file doesn't relock every time I modify it, but using .dms files is a way to organize your script.

background: #000000;
color: #003366;

F1 return "Attack"

Put the following to either a .dms file, or into client/script.

~~> Unknown Person
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well ty ... even thou i cant use both :P
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How do you create a .dms? File->New only says .dm, .dmp, and .dmi for me.
j return src.jump()
client/command_text=".alt "

Yields an error if I put it in a .dm.
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the simplest way to create a .dms is to rename the extension to as such (In other words: File > New > [name].dms ... eg, if I wanted it to be called script, I would type in script.dms)

Yes, you can type in the extension and it'll make that file, it's a nice shortcut at times...

- GhostAnime

Edit: Here's an example for the client.script version of macro

a return "beh"