Is it my coding that's causing flick() not to work? because I use flick("dying",M) and it doesnt show the animation but if I use M.icon_state = "dying" it works fine.. but the problem M.icon_state is it doesnt start from the beginning of the animation so it looks funky lol
Im not sure if this is right but you prob should do this:


Set the spawn to how long you want it to be...well thats what i did for my game..might work for you
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nah that doesnt work.. I know it worked before but I added somethin and it stopped workin.. never found out what happened lol
Could you tell us how you are calling flick()? What you're giving isn't really enough information.

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        Die(var/mob/Monster/M in src.enemies)
if(src.enemies.len == 0)
src.BatMessage("<font color = blue> [src] has won the battle!")
src.inbattle = 0
src.kills += 1
src.icon_state = ""

pretty much like this XD
Its weird... everyone says they see the flick() working in the game but when I do it in battle I dont.. maybe its cause I'm hosting and gettin the most lag or somethin... I dunno but thats what it does so I guess no bug...
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try this for instance
M.icon_state = "dead"

tell me if i'm wrong but this is taught me and works all the time

just trying to help ^^
I don't much like flick(). It seems, to me at least, that it decides when to and when not to work, randomly. In the same game, one player may see the flick() animation, but everyone else may not. If it's important to you that the animation is shown and visible, I suggest using icon_state.