Darke Dungeon has become a very rich and complex game far beyond what I had initially envisioned ages ago when I began the project. I'm very happy with the way it's turning out, but there is one thing I am extremely disappointed in. With all the feature creep, it's taken over 5 years for me to release this project. No one can enjoy it unless I take a notion to host, and that's not fair to the fans.

I hate deadlines, but without one Darke Dungeon will be in "alpha" stage forever. Today I give myself a deadline. Darke Dungeon will be available for download before Christmas Eve 2006. That gives me nearly six months to polish existing features. After release, I will continue to upgrade and refine the game. Most importantly, the gamers will have access to it and other people will be able to set up their own servers with unique items and creatures.

Wow. The pressure should be a pretty decent motivator for the project. Six months seems like a nice deadline. But then again, I don't know how much you still have planned to be implemented (but as much as the game already has, it shouldn't be too much).

Way to go. Now we can finally give people a general date when they ask over and over and over.
You gotta be careful, though. I set a deadline once that seemed far away, so I delayed and delayed, until it sprung up on me. Deadlines can be tricky business.
I love you! I've been waiting for the longest time for the release of DD, and now it's come! I might aswell not get any gifts on Christmas because I'll be spending all my time on DD. :)
Hooly farx. Before the end of this year?? =O

You better implement my icons before then! XD

Heheh I'm just kidding.

Are those icons server-based too?
Yay! I will finally get to play it.

Your server is turtle slow (for me, at least), every time I try to play.
Vex/Yota: It's pretty much good to go now, and I'm sure many people would be happy to host it as is. I just want to clean up the AI some more, get the default settings fairly balanced, and of course patch up every bug I possibly can. I guess you can consider DD to finally have reached Beta phase.

D4rk3: All the critter and item icons can be customized by the server gamemaster. The only things that use fixed icons are the turfs, areas, and UI (like the HUD display.) I wanted to allow more customization there too, but that isn't a pre-Christmas priority.

Everyone else: Glad you approve! I'll work hard to make it a Merry Christmas for Dungeon lovers. :)
In that case, see ya in 6 months!
In that case, see ya in 6 months!

That's what she said :D
Tough deadline! Good luck.

I had to shift a deadline of mine by 6 months recently... my excuse is that university takes up more time than I was hoping. :-(

Still, I'm getting there...
Yay! =)
This will be nothing compared to our game, hopefully... ALL YOUR PLAYER R BELONG TO US
No offence, but personally I have more confidence in Darke Dungeon. :-)
You know, I hope that before christmas eve means december. Excellent birthday (*cough* Dec 10 *cough*) present for me.