I have my character select as a proc. Which, is to make sure when I double click the title screen it makes it with the character selection but I got these four errors all the same thing. empty switch statement :warning: if statement has no effect empty switch statement empty switch statement

#include <deadron/basecamp>
#include <deadron/characterhandling>
client/base_num_characters_allowed = 1

switch(input("Select a choice:")in list("Start","Continue"))
switch(input("If you have selected this choice, your old character will be deleted but, if you have no character you have noithing to worry about!")in list("Yes"))
if("Yes") = input("What is your name?")as text
switch(input("On the island of Isolina.. lays a fate unknown by everyone else except the people that were on the mainland of Isolina before it got turned into an island. Choose your fate!")in list("Just a character"))
if ("Just a character") = "[]"
switch(input("What is your class?") in list("Soldier"))
world<<"[] a Soldier has entered!"
I think I see the problem right now, you indented too far from the if() statement on.
  • You made your if and switch right under each other thats a no no.