Currently i am using Deadrons XML library to create the menus for my game, i have gotten so far, but now i am stuck.
var/page = "<p align=center><b>Deathmatch Config</a></b><br>"
page += "<a href=?src=\ref[GameController];command=GameType>Back</a></b><br><br>"
page += "<b>Max Players</a></b>"
page += "<form> <select name=players> <option value=1>1 <option value=2>2 <option value=3>3 <option value=4>4 <option value=5>5 <option value=6>6 <option value=7>7 <option value=8>8 <option value=9>9 <option value=10>10 <option value=11>11 <option value=12>12 <option value=13>13 <option value=14>14 <option value=15>15 <option value=16>16 </select> </form>"
page += "<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=?src=\ref[GameController];command=Quit>Quit</a></b><br>"
page += "<form><input type=submit></form>"
player << browse(page, "window=units;size=600x600;can_close=0")

Thats just a basic proc that displays a webpage with a max players panel. I need it so that there is a Submit button that puts whatever they select into a variable.
hub://Dantom.htmllib does what you want.

I'm curious as to why you're using Deadron's XML library for this, though.
In response to Crispy
Because im using it to get character stats and the so from xml files. I used his template to make part of my character selection, and just went from there making the rest of my menus with it.