Currently i am using Deadrons XML library to create the menus for my game, i have gotten so far, but now i am stuck.
var/page = "<p align=center><b>Deathmatch Config</a></b><br>"
page += "<a href=?src=\ref[GameController];command=GameType>Back</a></b><br><br>"
page += "<b>Max Players</a></b>"
page += "<form> <select name=players> <option value=1>1 <option value=2>2 <option value=3>3 <option value=4>4 <option value=5>5 <option value=6>6 <option value=7>7 <option value=8>8 <option value=9>9 <option value=10>10 <option value=11>11 <option value=12>12 <option value=13>13 <option value=14>14 <option value=15>15 <option value=16>16 </select> </form>"
page += "<br><br> &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=?src=\ref[GameController];command=Quit>Quit</a></b><br>"
page += "<form><input type=submit></form>"
player << browse(page, "window=units;size=600x600;can_close=0")

Thats just a basic proc that displays a webpage with a max players panel. I need it so that there is a Submit button that puts whatever they select into a variable.
hub://Dantom.htmllib does what you want.

I'm curious as to why you're using Deadron's XML library for this, though.
In response to Crispy (#1)
Because im using it to get character stats and the so from xml files. I used his template to make part of my character selection, and just went from there making the rest of my menus with it.