I'm trying to make a HUD with say, Who, etc, but I can never seem to get it....
icon = 'icons.dmi'
icon_state = "say"
layer = MOB_LAYER+10
screen_loc = "1,1"

SUPER truncated form of my Say verb...
Say(t as text)
view() << "[usr] says [T]"
I would not use a verb, personally. I'd use a proc and use input() to get the information.

Say(t as text)
t = input(src,"What do you want to say?","SAY") as text
view(src)<<"[src] says [t]"

That aside, I notice a couple of other problems. One is that you have Say(t as text) and then have oview()<<"[usr] says [T]". You have to maintain the case of a variable. Also, I believe that if you directly call a verb, it works exactly like a proc. IE: if you use usr.Say(), you will need to use it as usr.say(t) and pass the text to the verb. That would require an input within your Click() definition.
In response to sapphiremagus
I know you have to maintain capitalization of variables, I just added a very basic say verb as an example, the say verb in my game is over 70 lines by itself. o.o Anyways, I found out what the problem is, I forgot I had a CLick() statement elsewhere in my coding, once I changed it to DblClick() for the HUD items, they all worked fine.