Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
I got into the game, and within 10 seconds of logging in i was injected with some chemical, the graphics are really terrible and i was basically abducted and murdered immediately after starting. When i logged in later i had a bit of fun with it, but theres absolutely nothing easy about getting IN to the game, how medicine works and such is not simple and finding guides for the game was not easy either. The game as a whole was kind of pointless and it seemed the people having all the fun were the ones who found tasers and ran around welding other people into lockers and then when finally killed trying to out the person who killed them as a griefer. Regardless i think it was an interesting game, but this review is on the money, also it doesnt make good use out of its interface and the game is really ugly and there never seems to be a real point to the game. You have all the fun when somebody tries to grief going insane from boredom and 3 people inject them, bash on them and put them in a straightjacket and fullout torture them. That was fun. There is a feeling of community where people police themselves and team up on the bad men. However there was a series of bugs, one being that if you change your skin color to black youll find yourself white very fast, and somehow i end up with 2 player icons, one which was perpetually underneath the other standing regardless of my icon_state. To be honest, for such a highly revered game, i found CowRP infinitely better and it to be a complete disappointment.
Masterdan wrote:
However there was a series of bugs, one being that if you change your skin color to black youll find yourself white very fast, and somehow i end up with 2 player icons, one which was perpetually underneath the other standing regardless of my icon_state.

As far as I know that was 4.0-caused and is now fixed.

EDIT: No, not fixed, but I think it shows up less now.

To be honest, for such a highly revered game, i found CowRP infinitely better and it to be a complete disappointment.

Cow RP is fast going down the toilet too, this time due to Bovine's incompetence as well as the community.
Masterdan, SS13 is like a lot of other games, if you don't figure out how to play, ask. Joining in the middle of an already-started game is not a very good choice either. SS13 is a great game if you've got people who can role play, and admins who know what they are doing.
Mechana2412 wrote:
An awesome game ruined by a completely horrible community.

Sounds like a certain game development suite I know of.

The real question, though, is when is Sp- Jtgibson going to get off his butt and make something better?
Knowing me like I do, I would probably say never. Half of the reason I gave up on a career in game programming in favour of a tentative career in the federal police is because I'm too much of a perfectionist to accept releasing a poorly-finished, incomplete product. =)
Ye be right in most points here, Jt. The only place where you'd be wrong is in a private server, or a controlled server. Sure, someone usually crashes it, be it the host or a random griefer, but it's fun while it lasts.

Still, good points here.
I completely concur with Jtgibson's assessment of the game.

The original SS13 core was simply a sandbox game that I made to fiddle around with dynamic air flow modeling systems in BYOND.

I had some plans to convert SS13 into a more role-playing based game but simply couldn't find the time or effort to do so. (I also reached a few engine/implementation roadblocks which stalled development.)

For now, I have stopped taking a personal role in the development of SS13. I handed the code off to someone else so they can fiddle with it.
I have future games planned, this time with design documents.
My next one, whose development is halted due to my WoW subscription, is set in the same universe except at earlier times and on Earth.

I may potentially try to add an air system to that in the far future once the core game is complete.
I see a lot of people in this claiming that it all stems from a lack of roleplaying. Frankly, I have played SS13 for a LONG time, well before tasers were thrown in, and before meteors/air loss/fire was nerfed into the ground, and it was NEVER the roleplaying that caused problems.

On the contrary, it was the roleplayers themselves. Or rather the people who believed what they were doing was roleplaying. The doctor decides he wants to test the effects of toxins, but concludes that monkeys are not an accurate enough test. Now he needs to get a human to test on... this leads to a variety of reasonable actions the rather disturbed doctor could take.

A. Announces over the intercom that he needs test subjects for toxin injections... and security might very well arrest him/command might relief him of duty and put him in a straight jacket.

B. Kidnap a prisoner from the brig, but this is both incredibly dangerous and potentially impossible if the host has been "derp derp, banning greefurs".

C. Kidnap a crew member under the guise of a medical checkup, and proceeds to see the effects of toxins.

Only A would be likely to escape the "ZOMG GREEFUR" reaction of so many idiots that play this game. Which I suppose wouldn't cause me to fume so much if these same people crying wolf were not the ones using abandon mob to come back as a naked generic crewmember to try and kill their previous killer. (Really awesome arpee thar gais)

Bottom line is all too often you all equate dieing with something not going right with the roleplay. Or hell, even being attacked by someone can be considered griefing in this game. Without conflict, the roleplay is VERY dull at best, and security doesn't really have much of a job.

ICA=ICC is the golden rule of roleplaying, and the only reason *I* would ever break that golden rule as a host is in a handful of circumstances.

Abandon mob abuse = BS

Person going security or green suit for the express purpose of getting a taser to go on a killing spree = also BS (also coincidentally what so many holier then thou "roleplayers" pull)

Intentionally bombing the station without first calling the shuttle to guarantee the round wont go on forever. = also BS

Random guy who decides his character will be insane and try to collect corpses in a closet in the storage room to make a suit out of them? = Security's problem, not mine.

Kind of a moot point I guess, as I have not bothered to host in a long while. But I just wanted to add my two cents on what I think is the root of so many bad SS13 rounds.

~D (Go ahead, guess. :) )

Mikoshi, I agree and disagree.

On my server, I kept a strong hand. Anyone who broke the rules, I warned, and let them sit out playing for a day. (Multikey-offenders were permanently banned by IP.)

Second offense was 30 days sitting the game out.

The rules were pretty much as such:

If you have a legitimate roleplay reason to commit a crime, page me before it happened, or just after it happened. Explain briefly, and if I have any questions, I'll ask.

Generally, I kept it pretty well inside of my Centraiton sub-story arc.

In my story, there was a corporation war in place, against the sanctions of the admiral of the human confederation.

Every act outside of protocol required either authority (a page to me before the fact) paperwork (a page to me after the fact).

Roleplaying was strictly enforced, but we still had criminals, we still had griefers, and we took care of them from within roleplay when possible. We had a great time, because I would either manufacture "breaches" in protocol by allowing other players to commit crimes, or I'd create a story in my mind, and page other players, giving them missions while I observed.

It was a lot of fun, and I created some pretty fun stories/gamemodes just by being a behind-the-scenes narrator.
The gibbed admins are SHIT, but they do enforce the rules. Usually when somebody does something against the rules, it's permanent ban on the spot. They do tend to hold alot of adminbuses, though..
Jinkies, a lot of stuff has continued on while I've been out and about in the world.

Personally, my view is very simple: if you invent a malevolent story surrounding your character, you'd better have a really good reason for it. All too often people use that as a defence and it's all too easy to see through it as a thin layer of gold plate over top of a steaming pile of dog turd.
The main problem for me is some admins are very immature. It is the reason that I could not play the Goon servers anymore, all because of them. Some of them were even so badly braindamaged that they could barely read, like calling me a racist when I said racism is bad, which is bullshit.
Another problem is: ''NUU! UR BENED FOAR GREEF!'' Seriously, if you assaulted someone in real life, would a huge text appear in your eyes saying ''YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED'' and you dissapear out of nowhere? No. Cops would go after you. And in this case, security. Banning for grief should not be banning OOC, but jail them ICly. If a criminal robs a bank, a cop wouldn't shout ''YOU'RE BANNED!'' and your body dissapears from the world. So, the thing is, these hosts ARE WAY TOO STRICT with their grief rules, you can barely kidnap/prison/attack anyone without being banned. Does anyone agree or atleast not agree but have a reason?
Oh thank God. The 10 months we went without a post on this thread were AGONY. Thank you for breaking the tension.
Your welcome, even though I may expect that it was complete sarcasm, which I am not sure of.
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