Heya again all, yea, its me again >_<

Been messing with some code for a map generator, trying to get it to do what I want.

Ive narrowed the error down to 1 statement, but I dont know what the heck is wrong with it.

without further adeu, we hereby present the latest of Elori's n00bish errors >_<;; drum roll please!

if(0) new /turf/Temp0(locate(t.x,t.y))

its the new statement thats messed up. I have that much figure out, I just dont know -how-. From the debugging Ive been doing, Ive found out that t.x and t.y both contain the digit 1, so what this -should- be doing, at least in my own little world, is making the turf at location 1,1 (the bottom left hadn corner of the screen) into /turf/Temp0, a fully defined yellow turf o.o

... but of course the world doesnt work like that -.-;

It spits out a runtime error of 'Bad Loc', with debug defined, thats the line that pops out.

So yea ;-; help please~ this is really starting to bug me..


locate takes three arguments: x, y and z. You never told byond what zlevel you want your turf to go on.
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*mashes face on keyboard* >_<;

Okay, Im used to having -optional- arguments, not ones that you need to run the damned thing @_@;;

Thanks a bunch >_< that worked perfectly

Elorien, who feels like a complete moron