Just curious, if i create variables in a preset turf and paste several to the game world, will each variable be indivual TO the specific turf, or will all turfs of that type share one unique variable?

I don't wish for my turfs to share variables.

Also, if I set a verb to hidden, how would I make that verb appear for others with a specific object on them?

before I do anything with my game, I want the players to be able to interact with each style of terrain. Also, even if people remember the command and dont have the object that makes the verb visible, they will still require the item to perform the necessary action.
Each turf on the map will have its own copy of all variables defined for that turf type... So your turfs will not share variables... (The same way that all mobs in the game will have their own set, and as will all objs)

As for the verb/object thing... The most convenient way to handle this is to move the verb to being an object verb under the necessary object, instead of bothering with making it hidden and such... The verb will then only be given to the player when they have the object in their contents...