I was trying to make an object bounce off walls. It works perfectly at certain angles but at others it really chokes up and the object starts going off at strange angles. I want it to move along the wall one tile before bouncing off. If I ever move on to pixel movement I hope this problem will stop. I so far have not been able to pinpoint the problem. I believe it has to do with my angle rotation because in every wall rotation such as up down left right there is an angle that works and one that starts the object off in a strnage way.
Note: Head on collisions are supposed to have it bounce back head on or at an angle. That is why that case is there.
oldoldloc = oldloc
oldloc = loc
//A = wall
//oldloc = current location
//oldoldloc = old location
if(isturf(A) && gtype != "impact")
A = A.loc
var/entangle = get_dir(oldoldloc,src)
var/bounce = turn(entangle,180)
if(bounce in list(NORTH,SOUTH,EAST,WEST))
bounceang = turn(bounce,pick(45,0,-45))
bounceang = turn(bounce,-90)

// world << entangle
// world << bounce
// world << bounceang
// world << turn(bounceang,-45)
// world << "NW:[NORTHWEST]"
Are you designing this for tile-based movement only (as in, a ball only moves a tile at a time), or is it meant for smooth movement like in pool?

Tile-based bounces are a lot easier to set up of course. Smooth movement physics are murder, although you might do a little better if your balls are merely circular.

Lummox JR
In response to Lummox JR
tile based. I really just want this to be simple. The main goal is to have either perfect richochete off the wall when at an angle or head on have it jump back at you with a slight variation in direction.