I'm having some trouble with image management. Here's the scenario:

--4 rows of 8 tiles each, 1 row per player
--the row fills up with "card" obj's during the game
--an image is created for each card, only seen by the player who owns the card (others just see the card back, which is the icon_state of all cards)
--when a player gets more than 8 cards, a scroll arrow appears allowing them to scroll beyond the 8th card.

When a scroll arrow is used, all cards are first set to loc=null, then the appropriate 8 cards are moved back into the row area. I also have a Sort_cards proc which works the same way (set loc=null, then move back into the row).

If I delete the image attached to a card at the same time it's loc is set to null, sometimes I end up seeing the card back briefly (or longer for remote/non-host clients), which I want to avoid. However, I'm concerned about what happens to an image when the object it's attached to has it's loc set to null. If the obj is then moved back onto the map, should the image remain intact? When I experimented with this, I created a condition that crashes my computer*, so I'd rather get help on approaching image management correctly rather than continuing to experiment on it. Also, is there any written documentation of the proper methods for handling client images?


* I believe it's the same type of crash problem that I encountered a while back with MapText... I already submitted a test case to Dantom, and the problem seems to be isolated to my computer.