Hello its me again, i have found the right place to put this hehe.My problem is that when i click a boulder it brings the usr to the battle area, before the del(M)i have usr.boss1=1, the boss1=0 is defined in var/mob, and in the actual click i have...
usr<<"The way is clear."
in the () part of boss put usr
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all the boss1=1 have usr. in them, except the actual mob/var
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I have this is it
usr<<"You have defeated [M]!"
usr<<"You gained [M.monsterexp] experience."
if(usr.lvl<=5) usr.exp+=M.monsterexp usr.maxp-=M.monsterexp
else usr<<" You are Maxed for Ver 0.02!"
usr<<"You gained [M.monstergold] gold."
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Draconite wrote:
all the boss1=1 have usr. in them, except the actual mob/var

I believe Strange Kidd was saying you should pass usr into your boss() proc. (ie. boss(usr) )
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ok yea i see taht now, i put usr in the boss() and it gave me 22 errors , i put mob/M and it compiled, im trying it
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I can't claim to know what is going on. However, perhaps it would help others understand if you posted the entire proc. It is rather hard to understand how your second section of code is used with the first section you posted.

(That said, Strange Kidd may have answered the question already with knowledge of a specific codebase I don't have.)
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still bypassing.
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sorry for the millions of posts, last one i swear, its fixed and i am retarded, it was bypassing cuz i was looping it back to battle() not battle1(), thanks again for help