Well, we've decided to set up a Lost Realm guild on my LostRealm key. Our official forum has been down for some time, and our webmaster, ZeroCrash, is unfortunately sans-Internet at the moment (pray for his soul). He has assured me that he'll be back online any time now, but we've been forumless for too long so we've decided to start a guild and utilize this forum until our usual is back online. After we've got our website back, that forum will become more development-oriented while this remains more casual.

The guild is open to just about anyone. One of the devs will have to approve each application, but that's really just a formality to keep out known troublemakers. If you've played Dream Forge and enjoy it, go ahead and join; if you disliked it, feel free to stop by the forum and tell us why. I only ask that you not join just because you can.

I'm not sure what we'll do with the site design here; maybe we'll mess with it, maybe we'll leave it this way. If someone really wants to hook me up with something undeniably bad-ass, just email me or something.

Lord Raven