Everyone please welcome Hiead and DarkCampainger.

After a review of both their DM abilities and their friendliness to others, I decided that they have earned the "Small Hand" rank.

These two are just the start. I want anyone who wants to help others to put in an application. If I decided that you are not up-to-par to earn the rank of "Small Hand" I will attempt to explain my reasoning and still give you the rank of "Hand in Need". At any time I could increase your rank if I feel you have learned enough or have generally earned said rank.

A little more info: At no time will an application to Helping Hand be made public. The most I will do is share an applicant's name and possible their application with other Helping Hand members (Of a rank greater than "Hand in Need") in an attempt better judge the applicant. This is necessary to ensure a round judgement and prevent an old bias of mine from getting in the way.
Great! I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. :)
Thanks for accepting me! I'm hoping to help out more around BYOND to try and pay back a fraction of what it has given me :)
Ditto. :P