So I am a beginner at drawing and I have to become very good at drawing - anatomy, gestures, figure drawing, sketching, shading, and other aspects of drawing!

Help be become great by critiquing, linking me to some tutorials and providing any kind of help that you can.

Here are my gesture drawing attempts of today:

45-60 seconds:
It's amazing how well you pixle.....compared to this,I would never have thought you made these sketches.
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MademanOne wrote:
It's amazing how well you pixle.....compared to this,I would never have thought you made these sketches.

Lol, I agree completely. Maybe it's because I have practiced pixel art hundred times more than traditional drawing. Another reason could be that, I have never really considered learning gestures or other lessons of necessary in art. Anyways, I am determined to become better at drawing.

My drawing isn't usually that bad though, it's just that I have never drawn something so fast.. If you wish you can see my Portfolio that I sent to Ringling:

(Took me lots of time - 10 days to complete everything and spend 6 hours or even more everyday)
Well seems you perfected hands and feet just need to do the rest of the body.... ;) I'm not much of an artist or teacher so I rather not critic on your art.
Just use references. That's basically key to anything.
Day 2:

Day 3:

____________________________________________________________ _

@Jittai I am using to create these gestures.


Quickly did this on ipad to show you how I draw people.....usually better to stick with shapes,break the body down into lines,circle,ovals,triangles,ect.
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He's gesture drawing son. The entire point of it is to do quick sketches to get a feel for drawings. They're not suppose to be accurate or detailed.

Also, if you want to learn how to draw.
Loomis is your best bet.
Watching Glenn Vilpuu's tutorials atm and he is very good!

Here are the gestures I drew today:
@The Magic Man: I have been reading Andrew Loomis and man his books are awesome! I am thankful to you for linking me to it!

Here's my recent work:

hahahahhahah What is this shit?
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nice! very creative
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Cyber Punk Mewtwo to the rescue!
Thanks for appreciation guys :D

@D-Cire: Yeah, Mewtwo was my inspiration!
Cyber punk things are my favorite style.

Version 2:
Did this today:

Also this

and made a video of it just for fun:

I have to gain back motivation to start drawing again and do some projects.
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I just love your turf pixel art. I really like the choice of colors especially.
Love the tree/bush thing
@MDC: Thanks a lot man! I thought my color choice was bad but your comment makes me relaxed.

@Ganite: Thanks! Btw I feel stupid to realize now that you are Immeasurablehate!

I am very happy with the Tobi! It has turned out great It does lack depth and I have to keep it in mind next time.

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