I am currently making game that is about a land ruled by 3 lords. The lords are served by characters (Made by you) who accomplish missions and quests, learn the ways of there class and fight the other players to be at the top. But sometimes a war can cut loose between the lords. If you serve a lord and you get into this mess, you have to kill as many people as you can.

When you begin you choose a class (6 of them at the moment, 5 functioning (I will list them if you want to), a name and a skin color. After that is done, you go to the spawn area (The safe island) and train in there. Train will have certain options to level up certain stats such as strength, defense, health and accuracy. Whilst that is being trained, you will gain experience points and when a certain number of experience points are received, the player levels up.
After that, certain classes have certain weapons such as a sword for the samurais and ninjas, Bow and arrow for the Archers and bullets for the Gunman.

If you are out of a safe area and a user is near you, you can either;
Attack them
Stealth Kill (If you have the invisible scroll enabled)
Give Energy
Fire an Arrow (If archer)
Throw Shrunken (If Ninja)
Shoot (If Gunmen)

You will also get experience points when you kill a user, and if the killed is you, you go to the reception desk to be reborn.

Also the items in game range from swords, power orbs, and scrolls. For example a power orb could give you double of your strengths maximum for a short period of time, a explosion scroll make an explosion and damages the people in a 3x3 view.

My game also has a great anti AFK system so that people don't AFK train like in those crappy DBZ games we used to have. Also offers a great selection of Administration verbs but the game doesn't use a log view, it is a simple not pad document which is separated into a Day by Day log. My game does also have a Date and Time system which the time is taken off the hosts computer.

My Skin

So thats my game so far. I wanted to see if this game is okay so far and if there are any improvements I could make to this game.

Thank you for reading this post.
If you have to grind to train, removing the ability to AFK train will just lead to people that use external programs.

The problem with 'those crappy DBZ games' is that they had the need to grind if you wanted to play.

There are many alternatives to training. You can make the game skill-based, so that they master the usage of certain techniques and skills.

Or you can go with the 'scheduled training' approach so that direct training isn't necessary at all. An example of scheduled training would be Eve Online's character advancement system.

Or you can make all advancement in the game gained purely through combat, though that'll drive a lot of gamers away...
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What is scheduled training? Is it like you'll level up over a day?

EDIT: I don't want people to AFK Train because its cheating and there not doing anything.
Well I did consider it.

Anyway I ditched my level up system and added skill points so if you want a skill, you get so many skill points from;

- Training
- Completing Quests
- Killing NPC's
- Killing Players
- Winning a Tourney

And when health is less than 20%, the player can't train and must rest to fill up his health to train more. And not only that you can train certain stats and on a random case it will go great, good, okay, poorly. If it goes great then you get x2 of your current skill points(Only 5% chance), If good then you get 50 Skill points, okay 20, and poorly -30. Plus with the skill points you will lose that much health.

And with AFK training, I made it so you click it to train. Click once to do a scenario, click a second time to do it again and a third and so on.

So what do u think?
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I haven't read any of the other posts, so please excuse my ignorance if I say something that's already been covered but.
There is really only one truth to making videogames and that is, that people reward and crave originality. The games that people try to emulate after that originality is seen is what causes a genre.

I think having some old conventions in your games are fine and needed, but instead of doing something that's been done, try doing something that's been done in a different way, maybe you'll improve it, or put a new twist or spin on it. If you have the time and are willing, take the extra effort to plan and come up with something "different", or perhaps something that's specific to what you do in your game.

For instance if you were making a game about a hacker. Maybe this hacker's skills would increase after hacking into difficult to crack accounts. That would eliminate the need for actual levels altogether as you could just assign how many points this hacker's skills increase by. It would also simplify things on your part.

One last thing is, always consider what is necessary in your game, refine it, and try to take out the things that don't really have a place. Once you decide what you absolutely need, you can often times build on that, to create a specific world, or experience, based off the foundation you've already created.
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Yeah I have actually thought of the training system for a good hour. I was actually intending to have a Level up system at the beginning of my project. But last Friday, I thought of a new system which is original and unique.

there a 4 options at the moment (6 planned) that train certain stats such as one command trains the strength stat, another will train Cardio (Health) and another will train defense. It will pick a number from 1 to 4. Those numbers represent the level of your training such as; 1 is very poorly done (Only receive little of the stat you are training and drains 50% of health, 2 and 3 are okay and good (gain middle stats and drains only 25% of health), and 4 is great (gain a big number of the stat you are training and only drains 10% of health). There is also a rest function that restores HP at anytime when training. Hang on a second, restore health anytime? what about when there in a battle? There wide open.

My game also has a skill shop which requires skill points which can be received by training, completing quests and killing people (more if they are playing users). The skills at the moment only are kicks and uppercut but are going to range from Combat, Ioa Moves (Ioa is the like Chackra and Ki) and one hit KO moves (Only can learn one of these moves and requires alot of Ioa).

There will be money as well which buys health potions, Skuriken, arrows, weapons, scrolls and other cool stuff. This can also be robbed from you if you are beaten by a player (20% of it will go) and be added to the other players money.

There are also 6 classes which are;
- Ninja
- Samurai
- Cowboy
- Archer
- Gunman
- Bandit
(More to come).

My game has also got great moderation system, which manages the server and game really well. I even have a nifty little feature which takes one players key and put it in another person (=D going to have fun with that).

And that's basically my game, due this year near march - June (if I can get a pixel artist to do clothing,hair for player =p).
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actually combat trainings rather popular why do you think naruto goa was the top game for so long? people don't like to train they want to jump in and punch something that's why naruto eternal memories is played so much its a side scrolling beat em up
Its also a rip of Ninja Moo Moo just heavily updated.