Just a reference for developers of Hogwarts Games, this is a mixture between the books and my imagination(mainly my imagination). It only shows things from the Ground Level to the 2nd floor, so the rest will have to have some of your effort put into it.
This is probably the millionth time I've made a floorplan of Hogwarts(first time showing it to the public, though), I kept on trying to make a floorplan of Hogwarts from the films, but the Viaduct was hard to do without putting the transfiguration department at an awkward angle, so I decided to just base my floorplans off the books.
My first time making a map from the books was quite silly, I had so many courtyards, and so many towers dedicated to their own separate corridors, and even indoor bridges.I decided to do a bit more research on the castle by paying closer attention to the books. All that eventually led up to this map, which will hopefully be my last time trying to draw this.


EDIT: I forgot to label the whomping willow, it's that crappy looking thing between the training grounds and the transfiguration class
I have no idea how Hogwarts is supposed to be layed out, but the building looks like a robot walking all gangsta.
That is... not a very good map. It's hard to read, has JPEG artifacts out the wazoo, and is just ugly. On top of it, it doesn't appear to be very accurate. About a minute of Google searching brought me to this, which is a much better resource. On top of that, comparing your image with JK Rowling's sketch shows a number of places where you are simply wrong.
what did it feel like when you lost your mind?
Why would you draw a map with west pointing down?
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GreatFisher wrote:
Why would you draw a map with west pointing down?

Are you serious.
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Hmm I wonder...?
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GreatFisher wrote:
Hmm I wonder...?

My mistake. I thought you wrote, 'Would you draw a map with west pointing down?'
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Oh, ha ha, no that would a foolish thing to do. *cough*