Imagine this. A game thats meant to take the best aspects of every game into a playable system, allowing players to actually enter those games thru a special account, and interact in the main game with those who have entered it.

This is a discussion not only to make such game, but to consider the merit of helping it achieve the ultimate level of development in that matter: Control over all the games of the world.

I have a very simple system to back up such a claim, but lets begin with your questions on this idea first.
the BYOND hub?
This sounds like a bad idea. You'd be meshing so many different ideas it'd be ridiculous. It's like Runescape where you play pong to challenge an opponent, the actual fight is tetris, and when you think you've won, Gary Oak comes out of nowhere to beat you into the ground.
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I didnt say how I would cohese it. While it bonds them, it doesnt take the beings from those games, but makes custom characters from itself enter those games.
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Meet - The BYOND hub.
I don't KNOW if you are CAPABLE of complete a TERRIBLE videogame of SUCH complExITY it WOuld be QUITe a FEaT TO comPLetE SuccEsSFuLy sO yoU mIGHt HAvE TrOubLe ACTUALLY DOING IT SO I HOPE YOU CAN DO IT FRIEND
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:P about 10 years in the making, dude.
I love Developous.
Here are the fundamentals. Imagine an energy and artefact system that binds the nexus at its root semantics.

The nexians could only gain energy by getting approval, one per person per game, for energy. Thus, by public consent, you would earn nexus power.
Don't suppose you had much to do with by any chance?
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What... in the hell did I just read?...

A common response to the timecube, I find.
You guys just don't understand.

We're trying to unify all games. Imagine a world where every game is controlled by Developous's creation: the Nexus. We would be able to harness an infinite amount of energy and the possibilities would be endless.

We just need websites to support it and the project can begin. All the Nexus wants are people willing to assist in the evolution of games.
I honestly still don't actually know why a developer would want to take part in this, or what "nexus power" is for, or why I'd want it.
The nexus is more than the sum of its parts. Unity is only part of the equasion. The goal is indeed evolution of all games, but the nexus itself is baed on belief.

Your right; however, unification is a dangerous thing, it even warns of such in the bible. This would be a step towards that.

But you miss the point. Its like a government for games. There is plenty enough controversies and issues amoungst the games of the world, and this would help to oranize them much better.
I don't understand why I'd need this? I can just publish a game on the BYOND hub, and ... ta-da?
But your game wouldn't be utilizing Nexus energy.
Sure. Because I don't understand why I'd want to.
My name is Artemis Hunt, and I support the Nexus.
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Stephen001 wrote:
Sure. Because I don't understand why I'd want to.

It bonds games together. Like this video for instance:

Utilizing Nexian energy is comparable to these fire ants working together to form a raft to prevent drowning. Now imagine you didn't use Nexian energy. Well then your game would be like one little fire ant in the water with no other ants to hold onto to make a raft. That's the best way to explain it.
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