Ive been working on a project and i was wondering what anyone/everyone thought of having two separate battle systems in an RPG. For regular battle its AI-based, click-to-attack, real-time combat. I was thinking about for boss battles, trying out making the icons bigger and making combat turn-based or having some other system. Any thoughts?
Unless there's a good reason* to use two different methods, it's likely that one will end up being more fun than the other and you should just use that one all the time.

* For example, you used a turn-based system to move large armies around but used a separate real-time combat system for individual fights between units.
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I thought (hoped) it would help keep the game entertaining longer, even to people to don't prefer one of the two styles. Are there any games on here that would make a good example of what you're talking about? It sounds like a good idea.
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It depends on the feel of your game. If you want a strategy style battle system, turn-based is the way to go. However for more fast-paced action, real-time combat is the most entertaining.
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turn based strategy for the bosses * main story related battles and real-time combat with everything else.
i thought maybe people who like one or the other would stay entertained longer because it switches up a little.

i want to use both i just wanted to know if it would deter anyone from playing it.
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A good way to see how multiple battle systems work is to look at examples of it. Bahamut's Lagoon for the SNES is probably the best example. They use a turn-based action battle system within a turn-based strategy battle system. Try to play through it and see if you like it.

In my opinion, I would only include two different battle systems if the strategically support each other. Using Bahamut's Lagoon as an example again, to defeat magic enemies, you would want to stay close to utilize the action battle system with melee characters while to defeat melee enemies, you would want to star far to utilize the strategy battle system with magic characters.

Basically reiterating what Forum_Account said.
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Thanks everyone, i'll check out that game and experiment with things. I'll make sure to keep everything thats been said in mind.
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That's the thing. Experiment to your hearts content, the worst that can happen is that it doesn't work. You lose nothing, but gain knowledge and experience.
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Crestfallen Studio's The Way used two combat systems. "Plunges" are a kind of 1-on-1 swordfighting sport used in organized tournaments and scripted duels. Otherwise they used RM2K's default combat system. I can vouch that plunges added a lot to immersion, were fun, and made sense. Actually, plunges ended up being much more fun than the main combat system, but of course, it didn't make sense to have them replace it.