I was going to begin working on a quest system, and I was going to do it the old fashioned way, but then I had a thought. Why not store the quest information in a datum held on each NPC? Any thoughts?
Don't see why not. Is this going to be used in a library or for one of your projects?
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Project. If it was a library I'd be more sure about making it
As a rule of thumb, you should really try hard to make everything a datum, that way it doesn't have additional information being effected and handled when it doesn't need to be.
Actually, I would like to add to this. To make things a little more...flexible. Using them as a datum put you on the right track; but you deviated when you said "held on each NPC". Store the key information in a global datum, and allow your NPCs to reference that datum. This will make it much easier to change the NPC that you want to give a certain quest, or to have multiple NPCs give the same quest.

As old as it is, I advise rummaging through Lummox's Quest library. It should give you some ideas.
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Will do, thank you.
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No problem.
My thought is it's a good idea, then again I am a newbie at programming, keep improving and I hope to see great things come from you in the future!