I am at a loss honestly on what kind of training system to use for my yu yu hakusho game I have mulled over the idea of just doing missions and killing mobs/players to level up, A Dojo to train like Naruto GOA (A Plausible Idea with missions and player kills), Training Dummy's (easy to EZ unless i code in some kind of carpathia system to appear at random intervals), and even the old school standard meditate and push ups (once again easy to EZ with some kind of macro program) so before I devote my time to codeing one of these systems in I was wanting to see if any one would be willing to come fourth with a better training method so post your ideas below
Well, for starters, separating training from gameplay is a shitty idea, so if my main means of levelling up isn't by actually playing the game, then its a bad system.

I mean, you gain experience from training. The experience should be from playing the game. Pretty much any system in which the player has to actively play the game to get better suffices, in any situation, period.
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If I were to make a game, you would only level through:
Just playing the game and using skills
Storyline based missions
possibly special events
(honestly I'd scrap the whole leveling thing all together)
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So just something like the user has to have enough power behind their character to be able learn and use skills or a different method all together like a skill tree and customization into the stats
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Honestly, I would try to make something authentic. Players need a method that is more entertaining than missions/level grinding. Sooner or later they will just get tired and leave because their doin the same missions over and over. And PVP is a bad idea because once a certain generation has leveled up, they will prey on the new players. The new players leave, and you have the same lv 100 player base you started with.
If you wanna make a game that stands out, create one where you earn points from fighting and then they can buy skills with the points they earn. If you put repercussions on the skills such as cooldown/health subtraction, it could act as a double edge sword, giving both new and experienced players an advantage.
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