I was wonder which one of these would be the best way to implement jumping to avoid attacks?

I was wondering if making a mob jump with a 32x64 icon would be a good way to implement jumping in my game (a star wars lightsaber dueling game). I've recently noticed byond seems to give icons their full size on the map without me having to input anything when it comes to multi tiling, though the density is off a bit when a 64x64 or larger icon is created. But it to handle 32x64 correctly for my game as it automatically makes the top tile none dense. Could I use this extra height to draw a moving icon that looks like it's jumping? Example: I create an icon file that's 32x64 and click on the camera and Draw each icon moving state, making it look like the mob is jumping, then just flick that in my game inside a proc that doesn't allow damage to go through while he's jumping?

I think I've seen somewhere that people can nudge their icons in the code aswell, but I can't exactly find where I read about that...would that be better , I think it would require more coding. Is it about the same, or worse than iconning it?

Or perhaps you know another way I haven't listed that would be worth mentioning.

Sorry if it's not that clear I'm in a bit of a hurry.

-Thanks for reading