Kay so like.....Im bored and dont know where the hell to put this post.

Basicly im looking for opinions for the best way to create a mini map, not of the entire map but probally like 50x50 tiles from the user, all into a corner area of the user's screen. I've thought of a few ways using pixels and such however i'd like to hear a few public opinions on the best way to go about such a thing.

Ps. No code required, simply looking for ideas/opinions.
My opinion is to figure this out. Seems to me to be a library, and the demo looks pretty decent.
My library could do what you are looking for with some modifications to it. It's not that difficult. Zaltron's demo might also be a useful reference. In any case - I would grab the tiles from the area you are looking for and scale it accordingly, and then place the image either in a pane or on the players HUD.
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Mhm ill check it out but i was more seeking ideas/opinions onways to do this so i could do it myself :P
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Grab the turf icons. Scale each accordingly. Place them onto a blank image. Scale the overall image. :)
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Hmmm i've never heard of somethin like that =P, i'll look into that but any other suggestions? (just keeping options open)
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It's how my library works. Another system would be similar to the various radar demos around BYOND, with a bit of modifcation relying on turfs. However, again, I believe they all use the same method. Though, you could assign colors to each turf and map those in the minimap - that would work out as well, I suppose.
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How I set my demo up is by looking through all the icon_states of every icon and creating lists of the average color of each icon_state then I draw the map based on the average color of each icon_state. When I look for the average color I look at [x] number of pixels on the icon_state on the outer parts and inner parts of the icon_state instead of looking through all the pixels. That way it grabs the average color a lot faster. The more pixels you look at the better quality of the minimap. If any of what I said is unclear let me know.