Would it do harm or benefit the community to release all these sources? Most of them are misc. anime's and rpg's, and I really don't have any desire to finish any of them.
They could be good starter sources, depending on how well they are done, or you could just take snippets and make as many libraries/demo's from what's there.
In response to Howey
Most of them sience they are rpgs and pretty much have the same procs have a base lib of mine with functions such as Autojoining,FlickOver for effects,Projectiles,Buffs,Stuns,Knockbacks,tournaments,guild s and all that jazz. The bases of these games are pretty done, but im woundering if I release the source to my game will there be an onslaught of repititive games like what happened to axerob's game when leaked? Or will nothing happen, and very few people make use of the reasources I provide.
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I doubt an onslaught of repetitive games will suddenly spur.
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If they aren't anime games I doubt anyone would even use them.
If if's Naruto/DBZ/other Anime game, there's high chance someone will use it. If it's anything else, only people who really want to learn to code will learn it.

So if you want my opinion, release everything but Animes (unless it's rare one like shaman king or etc).