Does anyone know if we're limited in how many sound channels we can be using as a whole? The reference says we can set it anywhere from 1 to 1024, but it doesn't say whether we're limited in how many we can use at once. It seems like there's a limit of 8, but I don't know if I'm making that up or not.
The Reference gives me confusing numbers.

On one page it says: channel: 0 for any available channel, 1-8 for specific channel (wavs only)

On the other page it says: For sound effects, set to 1 through 1024 to choose a specific sound channel. For values of 0 or less, any available channel will be chosen.

At best, I can take that as a confusing method of saying we have 1024 channels, with 8 playing simultaneously. Those reference entries do need some clarification though.
For WAV files it is definitely limited to 8 at a time, this is a hardware limitation that has existed forever. For mod-type files I've managed to play over 30 at once without issue on this computer but only about 10 on my desktop. Could be a sound card limitation (the sound in this laptop is Dolby HD so it logically supports more than my old generic onboard sound)