I've been wanting to create a typing game, where you set a goal of a certain WPM and you have to type out various things attempting to surpass that goal.

Anyway, I'd like to figure out a good setup for showing the player what they need to type and what they've typed so far. The game super stick scrappers skirmish whatever used 3 letters that appeared below the input and were replaced as soon as the player typed them in, but I'd like some try to come up with something better than that.

In commercial typing games, you'll usually see something like two rows of text with sentences, one row shows what to type, and the one below it shows what was typed so far. Usually the part showing what has been typed changes color to reflect the parts that have been typed properly and the parts that have been typed wrong. So when the text above where your typing turns red, you know you goofed and you have to decide whether to back up and fix or keep going. I don't know if BYOND has the ability to have different colors of text in the same label, but I've never seen it.

Anyone have ideas for how I could pull something like this off with BYOND? Or any other formats for a typing game that include what to type and what was typed would be good.
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Anyone have ideas for how I could pull something like this off with BYOND? Or any other formats for a typing game that include what to type and what was typed would be good.

Since you probably want a fast paced game, I would likely go with BYOND's embedded browser an use JavaScript.

The benefit is with having the actual colouring and display/reaction on typing client sided, which naturally helps on keeping your program's speed up.

(A simple named div to display the coloured text and a text input with an onchange event handler)

If you're making good use of output's new abilities, you should get a rather seamless experience in BYOND.

Problems would be with easy manipulation of results (a.k.a cheating).

I don't know if this really falls under your ideas for design philosophy for your typing game or not, but I have had an idea for a typing based game for a long time now:

Typing Adventures
A RPG based typing game, words are put on display on the bottom half, while the top half represents the game play field.

The faster and more accurately the player types, the faster you move through the game. Game play style would be that of a typical JRPG with a overworld map. Game play is automated based on your accuracy and typing speed.

Combat would come up such as a type JRPG, the faster and more accurate you type the letters on the screen, the faster and more damage you do in combat. Multiple mistakes could mean loosing the fight and dying, game over.

Depending on the job class of your character, different words based on the class will come up. If you are a magic user, magical spells and words will pop up, displaying different spell effects and attacks. This goes for all classes such as a Bard or Fighter.

You'd also gain experience and money along the way. Occasionally being given the chance to buy new equipment and level up along the way. The game ends when you get to the boss and defeat said boss, or die trying. Your end score will be displayed based on secrets you've found, WPM, so on and so fourth.
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I'm less interested in ideas for a game than in ideas on how to have a seamless system for typing what you're told to type.
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