Well first I will need to ask some questions about this;
1). Is there a limit to how big the view value can be?
2). Would it be possible to change the view to make tiles pixels?
3). Is there a way to change an atoms icon size with code in-game without changing others?(like winset)

Though with these I think the answers are yes, and yes with stretch to fit. So I was thinking what about rendering tiles, instead of pixels, having it on a giant screen view with the winset icons at 1 pixel. So it would make tiles pixels, having a better control on the 'pixels' on the screen, since you wouldnt need a map. With this way, you could render games in through this, like ray tracing/perspective rendering.

Now for question 3, if this was true then rendering my idea would work perfectly, just layout the tiles in order, and have them grow in a certain size as they get closer(For a perspective render). This could also slightly work for ray tracing, just as the farther atoms are it determines size.

And if this is all true and could work, would it lag less or more than regular say client-side processing? Or would it run at byonds top 1.2 frames per second(An 8th of a second lag >.>)?

And dont flame me for trying to make another 'beyond 2D suggestion/argument'.
Bakasensei wrote:
1). Is there a limit to how big the view value can be?

Unless it's been changed since I last checked, yes, there is a limit. I don't recall what the limit is or what determines it though.

2). Would it be possible to change the view to make tiles pixels?


Good thinking, but trying to do something like what you want just wouldn't work with Byond, unless (and this is only possibly) you were on a lan with the server and doing something like 100-1000Mbps upload speed. I haven't been around much recently, but last I knew trying to do something like this would just totally take a dump on your bandwidth and clog it up to the point where you'd have to call a plumber.

Part of the problem with doing 3D with Byond the way it is, is that you have to find very creative ways or drastically reducing the resource usage while still maintaining your visual clarity. I recall a while back someone doing a game where you could scroll your view back and forth only to the left and right, and he used solid color blocks for the walls and just overlapped them on the wall edges to try and make it look diagonal as needed.

Getting something even half-decent to work how you want just isn't feasible as far as I can tell. Sorry. :(

Of course, there's always pseudo-3Dish things you can do, like the one I mentioned above. Also, I started working on something before (never finished it, as fits my reputation) that was set in space, so I didn't have to worry about 3D backgrounds, and I had full 360 degree rotation on each axis and it placed objects on the screen in the appropriate positions. I was working on getting the placed objects to look like they were facing the right direction when I got bored and stopped, but that could have been possible to finish. It's not true 3D, but it looks close enough.

Try to be creative and you might find some weird way of making it look tolerable.
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Ya, that 3d game is actually something Theodis has already done as a demo. I was actually making one too, and got decently far into it ^^.
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You could always take a bunch of images (from a panorama), turn them into icons, and create a bunch of icon states. Then just flip through the icons as appropriate to simulate a 3d environment.

Player turns Left
Icon-State value decreases

Player turns right
Icon-State value increases

Granted the panoramas would probably take up a lot of bandwidth, so you used this approach you might want to stick with low resolution, and offer a alternative download (instead of directly from the game)

Theres my perspective on the whole "Beyond 2D" idea.
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Then you'd need like a billion images XD. Unless your saying use BYOND as a server through a 3d game, so you can be playing it with BYOND, which I dont think it allows.
You can already do this (#3).

From what I hear though, it's not very fast.
I've used it once myself for a certain nuclear explosion animation, but that wasn't on the scale that you're proposing.

They used to do this for old games (Afterburner comes to mind).
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So it is plausible then i'm guessing. I was think this would have more control over images on screen like that.