I've always been amused with Lewis Carroll's story and everything based off of it. I was reading some stuff on Wikipedia about it and came across this:

Now, I've thought about making an Alice-based game (which seems sort of silly, but it could turn out nice, maybe).

I need a few ideas on what to implement. A few things that came to mind for me were making an RPG (similar to Kingdom Hearts) based in the world of Alice in Wonderland.

Any other ideas? Chances are, the game won't be made, but if anyone expresses any interest, maybe.
I might help you if I am not busy.
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Alright, that'd be great. I'm still going to try and get some more input on the idea before I start.
That would be kinda cool.

Heres an idea: The creatures have gone evil and have captured.. the cheshire cat? Anyways you must solve puzzles and fight (some shooting/hack/slash but I would aim for a more strategic battle) your way to rescue the cat.

You could make it a 1 player and have it advance towards the end, different choices in the game could give you different outcomes.

I'd be willing to code, but I can't guarantee my full attention to it as I'm making a game of my own.

But an alice game would be cool.
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Thanks for the positive feedback and ideas. I've been thinking similar ideas for instance, meeting up with the Cheshire Cat and other characters and having to solve puzzles to advance in the game, but I would like to make it more ORPG-ish and add some multiplayer features.

Another idea that I had that was more similar to yours is coming up with a group of villains that have raided Wonderland and you must defeat them to restore peace in Wonderland and fight alongside popular characters.

But anyways, nothing is set in stone yet and I'd still like some more ideas.
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Maybe to achieve more of an ORPG you could make the host, or administrator, able to choose which part of the story that the other characters would play in.

The more I think about it, the more I believe this could work. You would just basically need to build a stable story line, and it could work.
I have long considered the idea of a dark faerie tale RPG setting. Take Alice in Wonderland, throw in some Brothers Grimm and a dash of Stephen King and you're good to go. Sorta like the McFarlane Twisted Fairy Tales, but lighter on the S&M stuff.

Lots of dark woods, twisting paths, and inbred, petty little villages full of woodcutters, stepmothers and gossip. Plenty of stuff for would be heroes to fight (and get eaten by!) big bad wolves, smaller, badder witches, and spiders with a taste for girls on tuffets, etc. I envisioned the Queen in Red (Queen of Hearts, some say, but more of the rip 'em out beating sort) and King in Black (don't be afraid to call a spade a spade, I guess) being pretty vicious, constantly conspiring nasty things. The Court of Diamonds is a pretty nasty place, after all. Sort of like a golden razorblade. And Cheshire cats may grin, but you should always be wary of anything with teeth that big, white and sharp. Ask Little Redcap's grandma about that.

Of course, the challenge is such things is keeping the proper mood. It is an area I have been thinking about a good deal lately. Capturing a certain mood in multiplayer online games can be difficult, especially a darker, sombre, or horrific mood as it relies alot on psychological stimulus (usually isolation and a feeling of being "trapped").
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You might possibly be able to take a hint from the excellent game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and its Sanity Effects for the psychological aspect.
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I really didn't want to go as dark as you guys were thinking, but hey, if it makes for a good game, what the hey?

And I was actually thinking of adding a few other stories to the game. Maybe adding some popular children's stories ,Wizard of Oz comes to mind, and and some other fairy tales. Actually, I just had another idea. But, I need to ponder on it some more before I discuss it.
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That Eternal Darkness game inspires me...