I have a game calld Freeze Tag HideAway.. The levels are the classic Mario levels.

I need help deciding what a mushroom will do in the game.

I've already got the fireflower in the game, so I don't need help on that.

Any ideas on the functionality of a mushroom (Excluding enlarging the player, I don't want to do that)
A tag game? Could it not give them 30 seconds of invisiblity or untagability?

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good idea, thanks

what about for the IT player(s)
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Speed increase? Invisiblity? Random teleport to another spot? Something like those.

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possibly invisibility I'll have to look into them being able to see themselves but no one else be able to see them.

Thanks for the ideas
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KirbyAllStar wrote:
possibly invisibility I'll have to look into them being able to see themselves but no one else be able to see them.

src.invisibility = 1
src.sight |= SEE_SELF
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Maybe a random effect of either the invisibility or the speed increase
Need the poisonous mushrooms!
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Good Idea, I may use them...but what should they do?

-Freeze the player?
-Slow them down?(If so I don't know how yet)
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I may do the speed increase but I'll have to look into how to do that.
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Maybe mushrooms should have a 50/50 chance: Sometimes they give a speed bonus or make you invisible, sometimes they slow you down or paralyze you for a few seconds. That would make players wary of using them.

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At 50/50, players wouldn't use them at all. No point in using something if it hurts you as often as it helps you.
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I'm going to make it more like 10% or less that it will be a poison mushroom. Or make it an item you use on other players.

I will add them as soon as I get my iconer to make a poison mushroom.
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maybe for the 'IT' player you could make him larger for it to be easier to tag but only for like a few seconds
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Interesting idea but there are almost 20 choosable characters and more on the way, that wouldn't be very easy to make a 64x64 tile icon for all of them.

But maybe I could keep the IT guy at the same speed and slow everyone else down...?
Well, in Mario, the mushrooms pretty much equal a free hit... Mario without a muchroom dies when hit, but with one, he absorbs the first hit, and becomes regular Mario, and then can die the next time...

So perhaps you can just make the mushrooms be a one-time tag cancelling object?

Of course, this doesn't give anything to the IT guy, but why does it have to?
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Well I guess it doesn't have to give anything to the IT player especially since you can save items if you don't use them. That was a good point to make.

I'm also thinking about puting a star into the game after I figure out the movement of the mushroom. If your IT it will slow down all the non-it players and if your not IT it will give you invincibility to tags for a certain amount of time...
Good Idea?