Anyway I got bored at 1 am.. and so I made an RTS... Anyway, I'm not a RTS expert and I don't even play that many. I've played Dune, Dune 2000, Starcraft, and Starcraft Brood War Expansion.. but thats it. But there're many RTS' out there that're way different than those. So I was wondering... just what kind of things should be in the RTS? Should it be futuristic like dune or starcraft? or be back in the past like Age of empires or civilization (I think those're some RTS')? What kind of resources do you want gathered? Like just have random places rich in minerals or whatever kind of farming I put in? Or have something else?

Anyway, ideas'd be nice? ^^'. Info on what I've done so far...(not much but hey its only been a little while)

-Building only on rocks (just using rocks for now lol)
-Buildings don't overlap (2 x 2 building doesnt go over building next to it, I blocked it which is how it should be lol)
-Build Base (For building buildings)
-Build Windmill (For Power)
-Build Baracks (For Infantry Units/Takes Power)
-Train Infantry Soldier (Just 1)
-Control Units (Click to select/deselect units and click areas you want them to go. It will be click and attack ENEMY units later on but I didn't add attacking yet just movement)
-And last and probably least... repairing buildings lol

I think that's it ^_^. SooOOooO yeah..
-Building only on rocks (just using rocks for now lol)

Should be not building on rocks. D:
In response to DivineO'peanut
lol I don't mean rocks like THAT.. I mean rocks like hard ground, not dirt.

Like on Dune, you can't build on sand, you build on something that looks like rocks/gravel-ish stuff