Some of you have seen the cards I posted in "Creations" for my Super Mario Bros. Card game.

Well I am almost done with the first series and then I will be working on the system and the rules. I need some comments though.

The idea is pretty simple, collect and assemble a group of SMB characters and fight. The first person to run out of characters or cards loses.

Players will collect cards to assemble decks so they can play the game. There are 3 main types of cards.

character cards
item cards
world cards

character cards
You can't play the game without character cards. You need to have at least 2 character cards in a deck before you can play. No repeats. A starter deck will supply you 2 unique haracter cards. So you can play those cards out of the box.

item cards
What would a SMB card game be without a slew of items to use in the game? Players will collect item cards that allow them to do a number of different things. You will be able to heal yourself with special cards, advanced your stats, directly damage oppents and even equip badges. Unless stated by the card desc, you can have as many repeats of a item card in your deck as you wish.

world cards
The SMB series has a wide array of worlds and areas to explore. When you first start a fight, players stand on neutral ground. By finding and playing a area card, players can change the terrain to help themselfs or hinder their oppents. Unless stated by the card desc, you can have as many repeats of a world cards in your deck as you wish. The world cards fall under item useage and can be used whenever a player wants to, to change the terrain.

So then how does the game work? I am still working on some rules but I have begun to form ideas and rules.

Each player must have a card deck, composed of 40 cards total. Out of those 40 cards, at least 2 of those cards have to be character cards.

When the players have their decks ready, they split up their deck with their character cards. Then each player will shuffel their character cards pile and then choose 2. They will then add the total speed of both of their character cards and compair them to their oppents. The person with the highest speed total gets first attack.

*Note: Yes, I said you only need to have 2 character cards per deck. This can be a double edge blade. You will always have the character cards you want as soon as the game starts, but you won't have any character cards to swap for later and be at a big disadvantage.

The player to get first attack is allowed to go first. After both sides display and play their character cards they drew, they will take the remaining character cards, put them in the deck and shuffel the deck again.

Each time a player has a turn they can choose to draw one new card out of their deck. They are only allowed to hold 6 cards at a time and if they have any more, must discard one of their extra cards of their choice.

they can perform the following actions on their turn:

1. Attack
Use a attack listed on the character card they are attacking with. Yellow numbers indicate damage, Green numbers indicate healing. If there is any notes in the card desc be sure to follow these. (There are element based attacks, but those will be in the advanced rules when I am ready.)

Players will take total damage - their character card's defense factor. If the target character card loses all their HP they go into the discard pile.

The first player then attacks with their second character card and does the same thing. After this, it is the oppsiate players turn.

2. Use Items
Use a item in your hand on target character cards. It could be yours or your oppents, follow card desc. if any are listed. Discard the item card after using it. Then take your second character cards turn. Each character card can use one item per turn unless otherwise said.

3. swap character cards
If a character cards is knocked out or you simply want to change character cards you can swap any of your current character cards with any you might have in your hand. When you do this, you use up both character cards turns and will allow the next player to take their turn, unless otherwise said.

*Note: When a character cards is knocked out. You HAVE to swap in for a new character card ASAP, if it happens before your turn, do it when you get your turn, if it happens after your last turn, do it the next possible turn. Unlike normal swaps, if a character card is knocked out, when you swap in for a new one, that new character card will get a turn.

Players will go back and fourth and battle until one or the other runs out of avaible character cards or cards in general.

Cards not yet avaible but rules still exist are for:

Badge Cards:
Each character card can only equip one badge card. You cannot swap a badge card once you have it equiped. Big Bad Bosses cannot use Badge Cards.

Big Bad Boss character cards:
These are Boss character cards from the series, they are big and they are bad. They have unusaly high stats and their attacks are very strong. They are not allowed to use any badge or item cards. You may only have ONE per deck. They can only perform an action every other turn and they cannot be played when either Mario OR Luigi (or their counterparts) are in current play on your team.

Shine Sprite Cards:
Shine Sprite cards are rare cards that fall under the item category. Each character card is considered to be a rank 1. You can use one shine sprite card per character card to increase their rank by 1. When you do so, that character card gains a +10 HP bonus, +1 DE bonus and a +1 to all skills. These cannot be used on Big Bad Boss cards.

So we got the rules down, how will this all be implimented? I am going with user controlled actions. Bascilly it is going to be like Chatters or another chat room system. There will be a few public channels and then a few card channels.

The Card Shop channel allows you to buy cards from the resident robot in that channel. You can also buy booster packs or singles. You can also pawn of cards you no longer want.

There will be a number of Duel Rooms where players can play the card game. Since players will have to announce what card they are play (When they play a card, the image will be displayed to everyone in the rooml...) it can get a little spammy, so unless people want to watch a card battle, people should keep to these duel rooms and not play in public areas.

Aside from the basic rooms players will also be able to make their own rooms when the rest of them are all taken up.

It will also be a basic chat room for players who do not want to play cards, but rather just chat.

You will get money to buy cards based on how long you are in the chat program. For every 10 mins you are in the game not afk you will get +10 coins to spend at the card shop.

Players can bet and ante up cards for fights, but it will all be based on honesty. With that said, players will have profiles people can veiw and even comment on. Here players can leave praise or negative feed back based on how the player acted.

Comments can only be removed by Room Ops and can be up for review, mean ones that have nothing to do with anything will be removed and the poster punished, but comments about players ripping each other off or cheating will be left on.