Hm... theres a lot of qs i got to ask for this one...

1. side view or, eagle, or semi third (this one is like eagle, xept looks ALOT like third pers)

2.realtime or turnbased (or a hybrid as done in the real kotor)

3. races? i already got twi'lek, rodian, human, cathar, and wookie, and mandalorian...

4. other lil bits u want me to put in...
5. Original game instead of attempting to use another game's idea?
In response to Flerix
While it is based off of Star wars KOTOR, i am not stealing its idea. None of the quests r the same, and evrything else probably isnt either...(xept maybe the idea of a star wars rpg and blah and blah.. and) It is a tribute to the real game, and I do it because the original was awesome. Now if u want me to actually steal the game, look for someone else, NOT me.
In response to Lou
And oh... Im looking for CONSTRUCTIVE advice, if u dont got something good to say, plz refrain from flames, annoying spam, annoying comments, and so on. Thx for the consideration in advance.