The problem with the Gauntlet here on BYOND was that is was a game that depended on speed and timeing which BYOND is bad at. I'm Going to make a standalone version for all the people who told me that they enjoyed the game. Any suggestions on what I should Add or implement?
How are you planning on making a standalone version?

I'm guessing you're planning on creating your new version with an alternative method, such as C++, Visual Basic, or one of the dozens of other game-creating programs (RPGMAKER, The Games Factory, Game Maker, etc). Am I correct?


Will BYOND 4.0 offer standalone capabilities?


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Isn't there a way to make you game an executable? I thought there was, but I can't seem to find anything about it at the moment. That's standalone in a way I guess.
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Yes, but it just makes it so that if they don't have BYOND installed it downloads it and installs it.
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That's what I figured, but what's so bad about that. :P
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Well, the main reason he's making a standalone version has nothing to do with like or dislike of incorporating it into BYOND and vice-versa... I believe he's just trying to make an action game with more than 10 discernible quanta of time per second.