Lately I was brainstorming for some good ideas for byond games. After thinking a lot I took a little brake to eat. So I turned on my TV to watch the news. They were talking about the stock market. Hey, there we go! A preety good idea for a byond game. How about a Byond Stock Exchange (BSE). Well at least I feel it's a good idea...

Do you think it's a good idea, and what would be the best way to make it work? So far I'm thinking of useing games as company stocks. But then I could use people instead.

Anyways, please tell me what you think, and/or post any other ideas you have ^_^

One problem. BSE also means mad-cow disease :)
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Ehh, well I guess I can come up with a different name for it...even though I really liked BSE
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Great idea for the game though :)
I like it! An idea for stocks:
People would have their games entered onto the stock market, just like in the real world, but I'm not sure if that's how it works... I think you like have to apply to be in the stock market...
If you would like some help, this seems like the type of game I would be interested in coding, I'm not great, but it could be a learning expierience! (Wow, I just sounded like my teacher! *runs in terror*)
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I like that idea. The permanent server has crashed for *insert game name here*. SELL!!! SELL!!!!
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I don't know, some people like those names that have funny double meanings :)
I think you would have a lot of trouble getting it to work using the real games stats, but you could just enter the games, then random stuff happens to the share prices.
It sounds like a great idea for a game (A great change from all those power leveling RPGs).
Maybe you could have it so that players can enter HUB enteries as companies. Then as the days go by each entry rises and falls based off certiant things (It cant be completely random, otherwise it would just be a gambling game).
Like you have how well they are doing locally, how well they are doing overseas, how well that genre is doing locally, how well that genre is doing overseas, market share, and a random luck factor.
All those things change to decide how much the stocks are worth, and weather things are going to get better or worse.
Alternativly you could simple make it so that when a stock is created you randomly pick how much its going to change, if thats up or down, and how longs its going to take to get their.
Then when its got to that price and the time is up, it does the process again, and keeps on repeating. So for example:

I create a entry called "Quake XVII", they start off at 50 cents a share, then it decides they are going to go down to 25 cents a share by current date + 7.
So over the next 7 days it slowly makes its way from 50 cents a share, down to 25 cents a share. Then on the 7th day, when its reached 25 cents a share, it decides that its going to go up to 1 dollar a share, but this time its going to take 9 days.

The key to making that system work is making it so that the up/down factor isnt entirely random. Ie, if its gone down the last time, its probably going to go down again. Also make it so that if it gets too high or low, the chances of it going up and down are altered.

You should try and add a news broadcast at the end of each day when the market closes. It just picks the shares that changed the most, and gives out a cheesy little report.

Anyway, good luck.
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I say even if you dont use BSE, keep the name BYOND Stock Exchange, its pretty good.
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I'll definetly have that option, and my email is
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The option of adding games to the stock market?
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You're right, it would be preety much impossible to use real game stats. I probobly will use your idea. Another thing that I want to make which will influence the stocks price is an option for the owner of the game to add info about the game. Sort of like a special newspage dedicated to the stock. There the owner could post when or if he's going update his game ect. Linked to that people could "vote" for their favorite games which would somehow increse their chance of going up.
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Yes, say somebody logs on and finds out their game isn't on the BSE. They could click a verb which sends me an email with the name of their game. Or something similiar if it's even possible.
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The voting idea is probably best, with the other idea people would just make a HUB entry and claim they are updating it, just to get the value of its stock up so they could make a quick dollar.
Maybe make it like the new reality TV shows, you get one up vote per hour, and one down vote per hour. Then depending on what the voters vote the stock goes up or down.
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Does Chicken Games have a website?
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Eh, it used to. I had a website for Rm2k, then switched it too Byond, then back to rm2k, ect. The current (25th) website that I'm working on is drowninginblackstars, for my band.
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Hmn, I'll think about the reality tv idea. It will be probobly be the best. And yes you are probobly right about the fake updating. I have to work those out...hmn.

Another idea is for the stats of all the stocks to be somehow emailed or permenantly saved somewhere just incase my permenent host crashes.
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Yeah, the hardest part about making a multiplayer game is figuring out how the little turds (Hey relax guys, I love ya) are going to cheat.

If the host crashes, the .sav files shouldnt get deleted, unless it crashes because it exploded or something. You could always just download them once a week to your computer if your paranoid.
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One up/down vote an hour seems pretty harsh...maybe every twenty minutes...You could have statpannels which show each stock in it's category, and you could even create virtual markets! BYOND could be like Nasdaq...I don't know what the other ones would be...
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