I am building an rpg and i am currently in need of some ideas to implement into it. Here is so far what i have.

I just finished my weapon part of it and it has overlays, attack and a few other features. I plan to make Swords, Daggers, Axes, Maces & Hammers, Staffs, Bows, Handguns, Firearms, Thrown Weapons. In armour i plan to make, leather, chain, plate, robes and cloaks, headwear, sheilds, neckwear, rings, handwear, and so on. Also an abiliyty to create items using two or more other items. Example Plate Armour + Engine = Mechanzied Plate and also Skill types like Exploses, Electrical, Chemical and so on.

Game Plan:Trade, language, trading, merchandise, arenas

So far i have defined 32 swords each with different gold amounts, images and overlays.

Some examples of parts you can combine

Large Pipe + Revolver = Silent Revolver

The best thing that you will be able to make is using a Mechanzied Plate + Huge Engine which combines into a Giant Robot. I plan to make this really big, i have nearlly all my weapon statistics planned.

A picture from the first part of my game is here pubimage.asp?id_=527826&uid=41712

I also have changed it a lot more, that pic is a old pic.