I have a great idea for a game and I want you guys to tell me what you think.

You will start out as a regular person. You must earn money by working and need money for food, shelter and other things needed for living. You have the option of going through many different paths, you could be a fighter, a soldier in the army, a scientist or one of other many jobs. And like regular humans the will have limitations, humanly limitations. But there will be a very hard and scret way to break those limitations and go beyond the average human, way beyond. You will be able to use magic and all your attributes will have an unlimited potential so that you could do your proffesion better than anyone else. You could be a Special Forces agent in the army. Be the champion fighter, be the most knowledgeble scientist and so forth. The players will have a huge effect in the game, such as the players must research things to make them avalible. You will go through time and start at mabey the medieval times(I'm just typing ideas as they come up) kind of like Age of Empires except you go through all the periods and into the future.

WOW! I just thought up a lot of stuff right there. Now I know I wouldn't be able to do this by myself so if anyone thinks this would make an awsome game I would like you to help me. I'll need original icons, music and coding. I'd do all the designing(thats what I love to do) and some coding. I would really like to get really good peopel to help me. And please no one steal my idea cause I'm on to something here. If I can get a team quick enough I'll put Zelda on hold or just sell what I have so far and get working on this.
The BYOND Sims? :P
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Not really. It will be more of an action game the a sim.
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So its like The Sims/Civilazation III,II,I
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Good idea, I have heard many people come up with an idea like this(I did a while ago) but I have never seen it done, no one ever finishes. I like the scientific idea(going through time etc). I would play if it was done! :)
I have a few games of my own under development but this game sounds neat. Maybe when I am done with those I can help. Technically the whole concept shouldn't be that hard to code. However the code for reasearching and battleing would be hard. Try to focus this game on multiplayer.