A Game like megaman exe where you have a char in the internet and one outside of it and the one outside of it has to "jack in" to an electricla outlet and you can use your internet char to explore it and fight the viruses and bosses in it with action cards such as Beam Cannon 50 and it would do 50 damage to the person...
Just wait.. something like this is being created, but its no Megaman crap.. totally original stuff. I'm building Cyberspace...

ps. Catch ya on the download...
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I thought it was called megaman battle network
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hey well i have some 'internet like' turfs
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he said a game like the one i described is in the works...make sense or should i say game thingy is being made now and stuff
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He lost me too.
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Vicious wrote:
He lost me too.

That's because you are both fools.

Heh, I jest. Here's a translation:

A game like Megaman: EXE*, where you have a character in the internet and one outside of it; the one outside of it has to log in to your internet character and you can use it to explore the internet and fight viruses and bosses with Action Cards such as Beam Cannon 50, which would do 50 damage.

I hope that helps. Probably not. :p

* For Gameboy Advance
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Hey, I should buy that!
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Hey or download the rom and if you decide to buy it then go ahead... most people think it gets repetitive and boring i played it to rip sprites from because i would like to study the style the guy uses.
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Dracimor wrote:
LordJR you almost made less sense than him..

Its just the lingo.. you gotta learn how to speak and understand it :P