Okay, I have a game that is mostly managed through browser windows that popup whenever you need them - you push the links that do the stuff you want, and that's about it. The thing is, if you load up several windows all at once, they all appear in the same spot... I was wondering if there was any way to have them appear in the same location they were in when you closed them? Since they don't seem to do this on their own.
They do to me.

*on windows XP*
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This is probably a windows thing more than a DS thing...

I don't mean open one window, close it, open it again and it will be where you left it. This happens with one window. If you open three windows, move them all to different places, and close them all, then reopen them, they'll all be in the same spot.
you can track and alter their locations with javascript, but it's a pain. I posted about this way back in the "don't ask for new features" era in [link] . Maybe I should bump it and see if Dantom thinks it is worth the effort?
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I don't suppose you have the javascript for the handy, do you?
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Nope, but I'll track it down for you. I could use it for my current project. ;)
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I've been fiddling with javascript for the better part of the evening with no luck. First, it's been far too long since I played with javascript. Second, window.moveTo() doesn't move the actual window when it's a BYOND browser popup, but just moves the display area inside the window.

I'll get back to this some other time. Right now I have things to do that I know I can do. ;)