What would be the best way to program (not code :) ) a laser that goes in a stream. Any ideas? I was thinking on laser that walks using the built in walk proc an leaves a trail of lasers behind. I am not really sure how to get a next one is created in front of method working.
The walking with a trail would probably be the best method because then you can use Bump to detect collisions very easily.

Using the other method you'd have to create the laser at each step and then see if you can move it to the next space. If not, you've got yourself a collision.

I'm not really sure what else you wanted to discuss.
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How would you make the laser move almost instantaneously with barely any second in between. The walk proc is very slow.
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Lasers in Tanks go through a projectile stepping loop similar to my projectile snippet ( ), but instead of spawn()ing before the next step, it calls the next step immediately and leaves a beam in it's current location that will be deleted in 2 ticks. ( You may want to check out my TripleWideBeam snippet at as well. )

If you use BYOND 317 to compile these snippets, make sure to replace all instances of "spawn()" with "spawn(1)".