In looking forward to publicizing the gold release of DragonSnot, I'm realizing that I'm not very familiar with games resources on the web.

Most of the game lists I've found are pretty haphazard affairs that don't impress me much. Does anyone have pointers to good sites that do game lists?

Any general ideas on good ways to publicize your game?
Any general ideas on good ways to publicize your game? might be worth a look. Also a listing on And that Open Directory thing too.

Beyond that:

There are probably Usenet groups that would be suited to a brief, tactful post--though it's usually best to read the newsgroup's individual FAQ, if there is one, before posting ads to it.

Another tactic would be to look for sites hawking their own indie games, and offer a link exchange.

You could put a DragonSnot blurb in your Email signature file. [1]

If you wanted to get really serious, you could buy advertising! From what I understand, Internet ad costs are dirt cheap nowadays--like 10% of what they were at the peak of the boom. The figure I saw the other day was something like $3 for 1000 views. Heck, I'd even chip in $30 or so just for the learning experience.

Set up a laptop and give live demonstrations and business cards to passers-by in a busy location. Knowing the way city governments work, you'd probably need a permit for this, plus permission from the property owners. Actually I just suggested this as a joke. But who knows? Similarly, putting an index card on the bulletin board at the local grocery store could draw in a handful of folks.

[1] This recalls an idea I had for people who pay the price to have Dantom host their Email... the BYOND Sig Exchange!

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