On thinking about it, I realized that we probably can use the BYOND-provided turn functionality for the next DDT game. This is for two reasons: it will be 2 player games only (not requiring a bunch of admin support) and I can always add the email notification on top of the BYOND-provided functionality. I'll try this out and see how it goes.

However, at this point, we couldn't use it for the next next DDT game, and I thought I should mention why, in case any of these items should go on a list for future support:

The game will support several players, and one thing I've learned from experience is that when several players are involved, the players need some admin control. The game creator needs to be able to kick out a player who isn't playing their turns, or have the computer (or a replacement person) play when someone is on vacation. And, in the case of the game creator going AWOL, the players need to be able to change who the game admin is.

In addition, for a more complex turn-based game that may take quite a while to play, I want to support any player downloading the current state of the game to see how things are going, and possibly allow them to change some of their settings when it is not their turn.

Oops, on thinking about it even further, we can't really use the current functionality for our next, simpler game. Because the email notification provides an attachment that will jump them straight into the referenced game, and that won't work smoothly right now. So you might consider that another possible feature for the current system.