Is there a way to alter the way flist() arranges files or would I have to sort it myself? It's an issue because
1: The project I'm working on needs the items to be sorted numerically (flist seems to sort by text2ascii)
and 2: the length of the list can get quite large. (which is why i'm not looking forward to sorting it myself, nor saving a directory list )

If not, what else do you recommend?

Thanks, Meta
Left-pad the numbers in your files names with zeros so the numeric portions are all the same length, then sorting alphabetically will also sort numerically.

For example:

0001 Some File
0002 Some other file
0003 More files
0099 Some more files
0100 Spy (disguised as file)
0101 You get the picture
In response to DarkCampainger (#1)
Thank you! That did the trick! :)