Okay, so there's quite a few posts and such about how to support Telnet, but I haven't seen anything on how to actually connect with Telnet.

First, I have Windows 7 and have enabled the basic telnet client. I also have PUTTY, just in case the windows telnet console has its own issues. The problem is when I host something, and then try to connect to it (on the same machine) I get a connection refused error or a connection reset by the host error.

Now, I'm not asking for help in supporting Telnet access (which is where I'm going with this in the future), but any help regarding my inability to use Telnet to connect to things would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I did connect to several different MUD's with the Telnet clients, but they're not BYOND related.
Not all BYOND games support Telnet connections. Only games with client/Command() overridden will allow incoming Telnet connections; otherwise they'll be refused.
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Oh I see. Many thanks!