Is there a way to turn off the sound for a player in the game
so that he doesn't have to press the toggle button over and over again, besides adding after every sound if(src.sound==0) etc.
I mean setting a defined sound var to 0 then if 0 sound wont be played.
...You have to do that yourself.
In response to ExPixel
So it isnt possible?
Isn't there a var that represents the download music box check in options and messages?
In response to Kisuo
You should have been playing sounds using a proc in the first place. Like this:

playSound(target, _sound)
//You could have made a variable and a check here :(
target << sound(_sound)
In response to ExPixel
Yea I forgot =/
Well I will just find every sound and add that check I guess :<
In response to Kisuo
Or, instead of making it even more of a mess, you could find every sound and replace it with a new, flexible proc.
In response to Kaiochao
Could do but already added the filter xd
Thx for the answer though